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Home in time for Halloween November 1, 2008

Posted by Amanda Kern in Uncategorized.

Though I have no photos to share this time, I did receive word this morning that Talia made it home last night from the hospital. Talia really enjoys halloween and wanted to be home in time to go out trick or treating. She told me that just like my own daughter, she too wanted to be a vampire this year. When I visited Thursday they weren’t so sure she’s be let out of the hospital before Halloween. It broke my heart to think that this little girl wouldn’t be able to enjoy one of the most exciting holidays of the year. So Desiree’s phone call this morning was quite reassuring, knowing the Talia made it home in time for Halloween. Though she arrived home pretty late, a few neighbors were there so she too could go trick or treating.

Desiree and Talia also spoke this morning on the Best Life Barb show on the radio and helped spread the word about Talia’s condition as well as the need for blood and platelet donations. We’re quite thankful that they agreed to help get the word out to help Talia, but through the process of trying to get donations for Talia we’ve learned that there’s a shortage of blood, especially for her blood type (O negative). We’ve come to learn that only 7% of the population is O negative. So if you have the opportunity to donate blood you might not just help Talia but you may help many others in the process as well.

I have no doubt that Talia and her family are glad to have her home after being in the hospital for over three weeks. Though Talia is home, she’s still recovering and they’ll continue to take things one day at a time – not knowing what each day holds. I look forward to spending some time with Talia soon – away from the hospital.



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