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Relaying for Talia April 21, 2009

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This past Friday I participated in Relay for Life at Timber Creek High School in support of Talia and others whose lives have been affected by cancer. The night was filled with many reflections as I stayed up through the night walking about 15 miles in support of those like Talia who have battled cancer. I admit that it’s been very reassuring to see Talia rebounding and recovering from cancer, however, I certainly can’t forget the struggles I’ve seen and heard she’s endured just in the short time I’ve known her. Over the last few months I have come to admire her spirit and resilience in spite of the challenges she’s faced during her battle with cancer. Attending Relay for Life has helped me remain reassured that there is hope that Talia will beat her fight with neuroblastoma.

Relay for Life

Stay strong Talia!

You can read more about my relay experience on my blog.


Talia’s New Puppy April 21, 2009

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I received word last week that Talia has a new puppy! I haven’t had an opportunity to meet with her since the Celebrity Stroll but Desiree managed to send me a few photos for me to share with everyone.

Desiree shared with me a bit about the newest member of their family. Talia’s new puppy, Bella, is a toy poodle about four months old. Bella was donated to Talia by the Puppy Stop in Orlando, Florida. Desiree mentioned that over the last several months she and Talia would stop at the Puppy Stop on the way home from Talia’s cancer treatments. Like most kids, seeing puppies certainly helped raise Talia’s spirits. After recognizing Talia’s fight with cancer, the Puppy Stop’s owner, Charles, recently offered Talia the puppy. As you can see, Talia is in love with her new puppy Bella.

Talia's new puppy

Talia's new puppy

Talia's new puppy

Thanks to Desiree for sharing these cute photos. My fingers are crossed that Bella helps keep Talia’s spirits lifted as she is suppose to be beginning chemo again this week.

Celebrity Stroll 2009 April 20, 2009

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On April 5th I had the opportunity to spend some time with Talia at Florida Hospital annual Celebrity Stroll fundraising event that benefits cancer programs at Florida Hospital. Talia has participated in this event in the past and again this year she was given the opportunity to walk along side other cancer survivors and celebrities on the runway in the Celebrity Stroll’s annual fashion show. I had the pleasure of capturing quite a few amazing moments with Talia during the Celebrity Stroll.


Behind stage after Talia had gotten ready she chatted with another cancer survivor. They discussed their battle wounds cancer has left behind, here Talia points out her access line.

During the fashion show Talia walked beside LPGA golfer, Annika Sorenstam.

Talia with Annika Sorenstam

Talia with Annika Sorenstam

We took quite a few shots after the show, including Talia’s family and friends.

We were all humored by Talia’s enthusiasm and enjoyed watching her as she walked the runway many more times after Celebrity Stroll had ended. We all agreed she has an amazing stage presence.


Talia spoke with many after the Celebrity Stroll, including WFTV’s Barbara West.

Talia & Desiree chat with Barbara West

She also had the chance to meet Jayde from XL106.7 again.

Matia, Talia & Jayde

The Celebrity Stroll proved to be a very memorable night for Talia. I admit that it’s always reassuring getting to see Talia in such great spirits. My fingers are crossed that her health continues to show positive signs of recovery.

You can view many more photos from the Celebrity Stroll event in flickr.

Talia’s La Vie photoshoot April 15, 2009

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A little over a week ago I had the opportunity to meet with Talia for a photoshoot that Encore Productions was having with Talia and a few others. Talia was asked to model for photos to be used for the non-profit organization, My Harmony, which supports children as Talia who are struggling with childhood cancer. My Harmony will be holding an event this coming fall called La Vie where children such as Talia will be given an opportunity to perform and live out some of their childhood dreams.

I thought I’d share a few photos from my visit with Talia. The first is in the midst of her getting ready – she made sure to smile every time she noticed my camera pointed toward her.

during a break

And I must admit I was humored by the fact that Talia insisted on putting on a lot of her own makeup. Ironically Talia’s mother, Desiree use to work as a make up artist, however, Talia was very reluctant to allow her mother help her much with her make up.


Though I’ve been photographing Talia since this past October, this was the first time I’ve been with Talia where another photographer was present. Encore production had a dedicated photographer committed to capturing specific promotional shots. and they definitely enjoyed Talia’s stage presence. I found myself taking several shots of their interaction with her, rather than photographing her directly at first so that I wouldn’t cause any confusion for Talia as to what camera she should be looking at.

planning poses

I did manage to take a few shots of her posing as I stood at different angles from the other photographer. As you can see, Talia did a remarkable job modeling for photos.



Of course, I enjoy capturing the true moments with Talia, which include the silly moments.

Talia's silly face

Talia had Jordan Koo and Quynn Gillan join her later in the photoshoot for more promotional shots.

Talia & Quynn

The girls clearly enjoyed themselves as we took photos.

Talia and Quynn showing off

The founders of My harmony (Laura Sutphin, Jennifer Gillan, Jayme Koo, Marian Gillan) joined in one last shot with Talia and the girls.

My harmony

Once I learn more details about My Harmony and La Vie I’ll be sure to share them with you all. After seeing Talia during this photoshoot I’m convinced that she not only would enjoy performing but she’s clearly an adorable girl with not only an amazing spirit but with big dreams.