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Talia’s New Puppy April 21, 2009

Posted by Amanda Kern in Uncategorized.

I received word last week that Talia has a new puppy! I haven’t had an opportunity to meet with her since the Celebrity Stroll but Desiree managed to send me a few photos for me to share with everyone.

Desiree shared with me a bit about the newest member of their family. Talia’s new puppy, Bella, is a toy poodle about four months old. Bella was donated to Talia by the Puppy Stop in Orlando, Florida. Desiree mentioned that over the last several months she and Talia would stop at the Puppy Stop on the way home from Talia’s cancer treatments. Like most kids, seeing puppies certainly helped raise Talia’s spirits. After recognizing Talia’s fight with cancer, the Puppy Stop’s owner, Charles, recently offered Talia the puppy. As you can see, Talia is in love with her new puppy Bella.

Talia's new puppy

Talia's new puppy

Talia's new puppy

Thanks to Desiree for sharing these cute photos. My fingers are crossed that Bella helps keep Talia’s spirits lifted as she is suppose to be beginning chemo again this week.



1. Diana Stillwell - May 10, 2009

I’m so excited for you, Talia, that you got a new puppy. She is adorable; almost as cute as you. 🙂 Our dog’s name is Bella also. She’s a white mini schnauzer.
I’ve been missing you a lot and am so impressed with your blog site and all of the fun stuff you’ve been doing recently. I’m sure I’m going to see you in hundreds more fashion shows. You were quite the supermodel on the runway. I also loved the pictures of you in the top hat. So glamorous!
The girls at APH and I got to see Carson again this past week; we hadn’t seen him in almost 3 years and boy had he grown! Please don’t make it that long before we get to see you again. We miss you so much and would love a visit!
Take care of yourself and give mom hugs from me. Hope to see your beautiful face, in person, really soon!!!!
Love, Diana (APH nuclear med)

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