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Talia’s the spokes model for the Central Florida Blood Center May 15, 2009

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You can be Talia's hero

I’m happy to share with you all that Talia was recently asked to be the spokes model for the Central Florida Blood Center. You’ll likely begin seeing Talia’s face with advertisements for the Central Florida Blood Centers in an effort to increase awareness about the high need for blood donations. Talia’s battle with cancer is a great example of the strong need for blood and platelet donations. I thought I’d share with you all this first release from the Central Florida Blood Center.


Talia Castellano may be nine years old and 80 pounds, but she commands attention. The face of the little girl with very short hair lights up when she talks about her new puppy. She loves hanging out with friends and texting her network of supporters. Unfortunately, Talia also spends a good part of her time receiving platelets transfusions fighting a childhood cancer called neuroblastoma.

Heroic blood donors like you supply those platelets to Talia. Within two to three days of donation, platelets are transfused into cancer patients. Lives are saved everyday thanks to donors who give without knowing whose life they may be saving.

Talia’s story is just one of many. Everyday in our community, businesses, companies and organizations conduct blood drives, which provide lifesaving products to people like Talia. These blood drives are critical to the health and welfare of our community and are essential in saving the lives of patients in need. Come out to your company drive and be a hero to someone in your community.



1. Sasha - May 15, 2009

This is outstanding! Congratulations Talia! I have no doubt that you will make a superb spokes model for Central Florida Blood Centers! CFBC needs more attention and who better than you to catch the hearts of many!!

2. Mary Ferrante - July 3, 2009

You are just amazing.Mom sent me the link to your web site. You are such an inspiration. I adore your video’s as well as your pictures.
We all take life for granted. You look awesome. I do see a modeling career in the future. You have a presence on stage that is breathtaking.
I know in my heart you will beat this terrible disease. Your strong will ,and determination will cure you. In my family there has been several that have battled cancer. A positive attitude is the number one cure which you portray. Bella is just adorable. You are definately Stellar. God Bless You

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