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Dancing & Singing Videos June 30, 2009

Posted by Amanda Kern in Uncategorized.

Last week when I visited with Talia, Desiree shared with me the video from her dance recital that she performed in a little over a month ago. Thanks to her step father, Larry, we have this awesome video of her dance recital performance to share. Talia and her friends were pretty impressive in their dance where they performed to Janet Jackson and the Black Eyed Peas. You’ll notice that Talia stepped up to lead the dance a few times, and I’m confident you all will be stunned by her amazing dance moves in the last minute of this video.

Last week when I visited Desiree took a few videos of the girls that I thought you all might enjoy.

And if you’ve never been tortured by the presence of my camera, I’m sure you will see how Talia and my own children likely feel a little tortured at times by my paparazzi ways – though I must admit that I think the girls really enjoyed the attention of having their photos taken last week.

I spoke with Desiree this evening and she mentioned Talia would be returning to Arnold Palmer for the entire week of July 6th and that she’d begin chemo treatments again. We’ll just have to remain hopeful that she continues to fight this cancer – I think we all agree we enjoy seeing all these happy memorable moments much more!



1. Camila Navarro Ulloa - June 28, 2011

Hi talia,
We miss you so much here in new york. I love your website. I hope that we can keep in tuch. I hope you are having a good time in florida. Have a great summer.


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