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Farewell for now June 18, 2010

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“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise” – Oscar Wilde

It seems like ages since I last updated Talia’s blog. With as busy and as hectic as the last year has been for me I have felt fortunate knowing that Talia has been blessed not to have many trials since being in remission. So thankfully I can share with you all that she is in good health. I was so touched earlier this month when Desiree had emailed me the highlights from the central Florida Blood bank’s luncheon where they took the time to thank all the donors who helped Talia back when she was in need of blood & platelet donations. Watching it is a touching reflection of just how far this little girl has come.

Tonight I visited Talia for the first time since last July after receiving an email from Desiree titled “Talia’s leaving”. I think we’re all a little shocked to hear the news that Talia will be moving to live with her father in New York for a year. Others have emailed me as well pleading for me to help Talia somehow. Apparently this little web site I put together to share Talia’s story has moved many and though I really don’t think it’s the best time or place to express the discontent with the decision that’s been made for Talia to move to New York, it is pretty important for me to share with you all the one thing I have come to know best and see first hand…and that is the love and support so many have for this amazing little girl. So though there’s not much I can really do to “help”…I can share with you all a few moments from tonight that will help you remain reminded of the love that has surrounded Talia.

Talia spent  her last full day in Florida spending time at the beach with friends and family. Though she seemed excited with the idea of me visiting to take photos, I must admit it took a couple hours before she opened up to me but I don’t blame her — in just a day she’ll be moving away.  Finally her and her puppy Bella came to see me to have their photo taken.



It was touching to see Talia and Desiree together. I don’t think any words could express the emotions Desiree must be feeling knowing her little girl, the same one she has stood beside these last few years as she’s fought cancer is now leaving.




And a photo of sisters…Mattia and Talia.


I know this custody decision will challenge both Desiree and Talia but as I looked into the face of this resilient little girl I see that the same strength that helped see her through battling cancer will also help her through any other challenges life may send her way.


Talia, you’ve inspired so many of us with your strength. I’ve had many people tell me just this past year as I’ve faced my own challenges in life the famous quote by Mother Teresa, “I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much.” It’s tough to find the reasoning behind a lot of things that happen in life, but I have faith that there are some pretty awesome angels up above keeping a close eye on you helping you through all these challenges life is throwing your way. In knowing you just under two years I am so amazed to see how much you’ve grown and bounced back from your fight with cancer. Yes Talia, you have inspired us all.


Talia…farewell for now…we’ll see you again soon.

I’ve posted a few more photos in Talia’s flickr if you care to see more highlights from tonight’s visit.



1. charlotte hook - June 19, 2010

talia is a very brave, and outgoing girl. you’d never see her dull moment with this little firecracker if you hung out with her lol. i pray that i will get to see and spend time with her again. as the years continue talia, i hope you will grow to be a beautiful young lady as you have already started (: you will be missed greatly by everyone! but have fun up in new york!

2. Talia Castellano - June 19, 2010

thanks guys !!

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