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Talia’s cancer has relapsed August 17, 2010

Posted by Amanda Kern in Uncategorized.

When I saw this message from Talia Friday evening my heart nearly stopped.

August 11-13th Talia went through scans in New York which came back on Friday August 13th indicating she has had her cancer return in two places. Talia’s battle with neuroblastoma has returned for a third time.

Though we all know Talia is one amazing strong spirited little girl, I don’t think anything, not even past experiences could have prepared her to have received this news. I’ve been told she’s in good spirits but as you might imagine it’s not easy for her to accept that the cancer has returned.

Desiree flew up to New York to be by Talia’s side during the scans and remains in New York as Talia begins her chemotherapy treatments. Knowing that one of the side effects of chemo is losing their hair, Talia expressed an interest in dying her hair blonde. Yes, our little diva friend seemed to have a little fun changing her hair color this past weekend. Desiree shared a few photos with me taken on her phone to help share with you all that Talia is in good spirits and definitely looks super with her new hair!

I spoke with Desiree again this morning, who thankfully is able to stay by Talia’s side during high dose chemo treatments. Talia started her first treatment this morning and will have more over the next few days. They’re anticipating that she will begin feeling the side effects soon. In the near future she’ll likely be needing platelets. It breaks my heart to know how quickly this news has changed things for Talia. Though I know she’s a strong little girl who has amazing support behind her, I can only imagine how devastating this news is for her, her family and all those who are closest to her. Though we know she will need the support medically to see her through the challenges ahead as she fights cancer again, now she needs our support more than ever before. Reading some of the facts of cancer and Neuroblastoma certainly make us all worry about Talia’s health, but if there’s one thing I know it’s that Talia is one resilient little girl. If anyone can beat cancer again it is her.

Since learning of Talia’s cancer they’ve since reestablished her port so that she can receive her medicine and IV fluids easily and regularly. Desiree sent me these two photos. The first shows her with her beside her backpack that holds her IV fluids. Rather than admitting her into the hospital they return to the Ronald McDonald house after her treatments with this backpack. The photo on the right shows Talia shortly after beginning her first chemo treatment.

Tomorrow is Talia’s 11th birthday. On her birthday they won’t stop chemo treatments. She’s likely to begin not feeling as well due to the side effects of chemo. But I think she knows just how loved she is and how much support surrounds her as she begins this journey once again against cancer. Hopefully everyone begins to say their prayers for Talia. Hopefully she’s able to make her birthday wish…I think we’re all wishing that soon she’ll be cancer free for good.

I anticipate many of you are just as concerned as I am want to know how Talia is doing as she fights cancer again. I will continue to update you all as I learn more through the blog and I have just established a facebook fan page to help support Talia and to also update you all. If you happen to be on facebook I encourage you to “like” the fan page to stay updated with how Talia is doing. I know Talia will enjoy seeing how many of us are out here routing for her to beat cancer again.

Stay strong Talia!